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Welcome to the Georgia Jail Association! 

The Georgia Jail Association is an organization comprised of professionals from all levels of operations and related government agencies. The members share the common goal of improving all Georgia jails, regardless of size or location.


The GJA is organized into five geographic regions throughout the state to ensure balanced representation and facilitate effective communication and coordination.

The purposes of GJA are to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and techniques, to advance professionalism through training, technical assistance, publication and conferences; the Georgia Sheriff’s instill our jail standards and presents those standards through training, information exchange, programs and services that GJA supports.


The GJA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of members elected by the full membership. Board members include the Immediate Past President; the President; the President-Elect; First Vice-President; Second Vice-President; Third Vice-President; Treasurer;  The Secretary is appointed by the president.

In addition to the Annual Business Meeting and Training Conference, the Board of Directors meets routinely during the year at sites throughout the state. The topical committees also convene special meetings during the year to discuss membership, training, conference and other issues.  The structure and by-laws of the GJA are designed to ensure the full and representative participation of all members.


  • GJA WEBPAGE—Bringing the GJA to the internet information medium. Upcoming events, officers, newsletter, “Jail Talk”, and more can be found on the webpage.

  • AWARDS PROGRAM– Each year GJA honors local jail employees who have distinguished themselves and their agencies.

  • NETWORKING—GJA elected officials and members strive throughout the year to share information about state and local jail operations. Business meetings are convened during the year in each region to conduct the affairs of the GJA, exchange ideas and ensure full member accessibility and involvement.


The GJA sponsors an annual training conference held in a different site each year to bring the GJA within reach of all its members.  In addition to providing timely, professional instruction in critical operational areas, the conference provides a forum for jail vendor to exhibit and discuss their products and services and sponsors an awards program to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of jail personnel.


  1. Through cooperation, share information, ideas, and solutions to further cost and operations effectiveness in member organizations.

  2. Cultivate and provide leadership by advancing professionalism through training, information exchange, technical assistance, management practices, publication and conferences.

  3. Advance professionalism through training, technical assistance, knowledge exchange, publications and conferences.

  4. Present a unified voice in advancing the interests, needs, concerns and proficiencies of local jail professionals as deemed appropriate by the membership.

  5. Actively assist and support Georgia Sheriffs and other agencies and institutions of the criminal justice system to seek practical solutions to challenges confronting jails.

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